It’s time to think big and ask ourselves crucial questions about our assumptions, the role we all play in building a sustainable path forward and the impacts of our decisions.   A thorough evaluation often times should include many more aspects than is currently typical, including social behavior and user need conflicts, complicated system interconnections, sources of influence, the individual versus the community and rules of engagement.  We could go on, but the point is that we try to dive as deep as you’re willing to let us go.

Sustainability Assessments & Reporting

We can work with our clients to identify and achieve their sustainability objectives by performing a number of tasks. All or part of the following list may be requested:

1. Assemble qualified teams
2. Review project management and design process and provide recommendations for improvement
3. Apply biomimicry process and principles to goals and objectives and as influence for decision making for process and design
4. Ascertain design direction as it contributes to sustainability
5. Prepare project specific questionnaire(s) and survey project stakeholders
6. Identify both significant beneficial impacts and also potential needed mitigation strategies
7. Perform gap analysis reports
8. Research and present regional climatic considerations
9. Research regional economic development factors and assist in partnership creation

Based on the services requested, we will then outline a methodology to complete the required tasks that will ultimately result in an assessment report and accompanying recommendations.