Program and Policy Guidance & Creation

Sustainability is all about people and their actions, so we want to help our clients develop programs and policies that reflect their values and also receive immediate buy-in so they can be effective. The following list represents some of the areas most requested:

1. Building exterior and hardscape management
2. Integrated pest management, erosion control, and landscape management
3. Commuting solutions
4. Water conservation
5. Energy conservation
6. Emissions reduction reporting
7. Carbon audits and offsets
8. Sustainable purchasing
9. Solid waste management
10. Indoor air quality management
11. Occupant surveys
12. Green cleaning
13. Tenant Guidelines

We will also perform cost-benefit analysis reporting of potential strategies to assist in making the most appropriate recommendations for our clients. We would also like to request to work with these projects post-implementation to measure their success and help build our internal metrics database.