Integrated Design Facilitation

Creating the solution space for good design is at the heart of HOLOS’ services, and nothing enables this better than a well integrated team.  We are uniquely qualified to bring a sustainability focus to our projects. Design and construction of any project requires many simultaneous discipline interactions, and it is HOLOS’ role to ensure good cross-pollination is taking place, effective communication tools are utilized, and that reporting documentation is properly implemented. We’re not afraid to ask the big, fundamental questions that fall outside of most design playbooks to really get to the core of the what and the how.  Our services complement and enhance the team of experts already assembled, while simultaneously allowing them to keep their own unique and important focus.

Our Integrated Design Facilitation services can be utilized at the front end of projects to explore and relate the many facets of structuring an integrated process and then get revisited at multiple phases of the project to sustain a cohesive and highly functional system.   We have unique partnering relationships and experience that add a new dimension to our facilitation capabilities, including visualization techniques and awareness building.

Green Building Design & Construction Certification Management & Administration Services

HOLOS provides management and administrative services as well as ongoing resource support for LEED certification for our projects. We create very detailed and tailored scope of service proposals with corresponding deliverables outlined by phase for all of our individual projects. The following list includes a general set of service offerings:

1. Due diligence research of project info to-date and site evaluation
2. Assessment of team experience and capabilities
3. Facilitation of sustainability goals and objectives
4. Eco-charrette(s)
5. Development of sustainability/LEED checklist integrated into larger project Work Plan
6. Introduction of Sustainable Sites Initiative (for consideration wherever applicable)
7. Training as needed for project team and stakeholders
8. Management of and/or participation within the integrated design process
9. Creation of project specific Work Plan
10. Research and performance of cost-benefit analysis
11. Conceptual Building Information Model (BIM) during schematic design tied to cost and energy performance (as requested by individual projects)
12. Daylighting analysis
13. Plan that supports team member direction, sample documents and specifications, along with other additional resources
14. Ongoing support and compliance review for drawings and specifications
15. Special coordination during bidding and negotiation, including Waste Management Plan & Indoor Air Quality Plan and subcontractor submittal template guidance
16. Review of submittals and field installations
17. LEED meetings (throughout) and coordination of efforts with Commissioning Agent
18. Administration of LEED submittal (if applicable)
19. Project post-occupancy evaluation & lessons learned report (we highly recommend this)

Other certifications and ratings that we manage include:

LEED for Green Building Operations & Maintenance (contact us for scope outline, as varies pending outcome of project assessment phase)

LEED for Commercial Interiors (contact us for scope outline, as varies)

LEED for Neighborhood Development (contact us for scope outline, as varies per project)

Sustainable Sites Initiative (this rating is not officially launched yet, but the structure is published and projects are encouraged to adopt these principles)

Austin Green Building Program (applicable across multiple building types)

Climate Neutral Building Certification

Living Buildings (we are pursuing the Living Building Leader designation)

Incorporation of Biomimicry strategies for design and process for any project.