Pearl Brewery




The Pearl Brewery CIA/Garage Building, is a 246,000 SF mixed-use project that achieved LEED-CS v2.0 Gold certification. Kathy was brought onto the team very early in the conceptual design phase and has created the framework for the team to establish project objectives and also itemize strategies and responsibilities accordingly.

Through her guidance, the team created a water budget that led to a collective conservation to take place regarding water consumption needs versus water availability. This integrated approach enabled the team to make a consensus agreement about the most appropriate water reuse scenarios. In addition, Kathy has provided detailed reports of the project’s LEED status on a monthly basis and has made a special effort to educate the entire team on process and compliance requirements.

“Project Control highly recommends HOLOS for providing LEED consulting for any project. They have been remarkable in their ability in taking the lead and directing the consultants and contractor in the right direction to acquire the LEED certification. Kathy has provided excellent guidance to the team including those consultants that need special help getting through the LEED process. HOLOS has affectively provided action items for all team members to keep the LEED process moving. Kathy is excellent to work with from a customer relation standpoint; in that she has a great attitude and is always positive when it comes to issues that come up during the design. She has also made a special effort to work with the contractor in establishing their plans for construction, reporting, and management of their LEED requirements.” -Richard S. McNary, Sr. Vice-President, COO, Project Control