Our approach is based on meeting the need for successful integration of sustainability concepts  for our clients’ projects while simultaneously providing effective guidance to the team.  Successful project management requires team leadership and coordination, diligent project planning, and effective oversight of the delivery process.  We recognize the importance of these qualities in satisfying clients’ expectations.

This image represents a mindmap of a project, one of the types of management tools we use when planning and recording our projects.

Our process is comprehensive, because we believe that due diligence and inclusiveness makes us better and our clients happier.  We ask lots of questions and tailor our  services to meet the needs of each specific project.  We encourage cross-disciplinary dialogue and request permission for team members to speak outside of their comfort zones and assumed roles.

We use a variety of project management tools and aids to optimize the use of our time while providing our clients with the highest standards of information and accountability.   Please contact us to see examples of how we work.