Collective Intelligence

HOLOS Collaborative is an ecosystem of relationships, an ecosystem that is intelligent. This knowledge ecosystem can be seen as a collective comprised of a) people having meaningful conversations that b) create a network of shared insights, inspirations and practices worth replicating and that are c) supported by technology and virtual environments.  This is all reflected in a perpetual improvement process across all of our respective services, a benefit that can be directly shared with our clients.

Why Collaborate?

We feel a sense of urgency to expand our ability to leverage and deliver sustainability services, and the best way to do this is within an environment that fosters knowledge transfer.  There is a great need within the marketplace to broaden the definition of sustainability, a need that is driven by the growing awareness of the connectedness of all our actions and inactions. In order to enhance our own individual services for our clients, it is important to have meaningful conversations about how we perceive sustainability. In order to meet the need to provide more comprehensive services to our clients, it is imperative that we create a network that leads to expanded knowledge and innovative practices. In order to be both efficient and effective internally and externally, we must take full advantage of technology’s ability to harness information and provide virtual environments where we can collaborate. The sum of those things leads us to believe there is another way of thinking about things like “organizational effectiveness”, “firm productivity”, “firm profitability”, “teamwork”, and “leadership.”

Our Projects and Collaborations

The following list of items represents some of the ways in which we collaborate. The process is dynamic and evolutionary in development and may involve the entire group at one time or just a few best suited collaborators.

1. Peer-to-peer review of work and methodologies
2. Brainstorming and idea generation
3. Research
4. Shared resources and networks
5. Leveraged specialty expertise within the network to pursue new projects and new markets
6. Tools and methodology development
7. Educational programs

The HOLOS Collaborative Network

Christopher Allen, Owner and Director of Christopher Allen & Associates. Missoula, MT

Christopher Allen, Owner and Director of Christopher Allen & Associates. Missoula, MTChris has nearly twenty years experience in providing strategy and management services to private sector, public agency, and nonprofit clients pursuing sustainable development.    He is currently the Director of AskNature–the online inspiration source for the Biomimicry community and is completing an innovative two-year professional certification through the Biomimicry Institute with a focus on biomimicry design commercialization.  Past clients include the US Department of Energy, the National Center for Appropriate Technology, and the United Nations Man and Biosphere Program and a wide range of private sector clients.   His international experience includes work and studies in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Mexico. He serves on the Board of Directors of A World Institute for Sustainable Humanity.   Additionally, he is managing partner of the Woodson Place which is the first residential development to win the Lone Star Land Steward Award from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Jorge Kanahuati, Director of Enlaces Ambientales, SC. Mexico

Jorge Kanahuati, Director of Enlaces Ambientales, SC. MexicoJorge Kanahuati is the Managing Director of Enlaces Ambientales, a consulting company based in Mexico City offering strategic services focused on sustainable project development and knowledge transfer. The company’s international experience integrates an interdisciplinary understanding of conventional business practices with innovative sustainability concepts in various niche markets including sustainable real state development. Enlaces Ambientales is a member of the Mexican Green Building Council, the US Green Building Council, the Urban Land Institute and the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment. Jorge is a specialist in strategic planning for sustainable businesses and a facilitator of integrative design processes that involve the collaboration of interdisciplinary teams within a systems thinking framework for the development of high performance real state projects. Jorge is the Co-Director of the A W.I.S.H Green Building Program, which is an organization affiliated with the World Green Building Council. He is a LEED Accredited Professional holding a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico and a master degree in Ecosystems Analysis and Governance from the University of Warwick complemented with the program Ecology of Commerce and The Natural Step from Schumacher College in England. He is currently enrolled in the Biomimicry Institute Certificate Program.

Joep Meijer, Owner/President of The Right Environment. Austin, TX

Joep Bio Pic

Joep Meijer believes that teams can outclass the performance of the individual. Findings flow and the right people to do just this is a journey in itself. He loves to work with experts that are both capable of listening and adding to the process. He focuses on real sustainable performance and wants to make sure that things add up. He is an expert in life cycle assessment, a tool for quantified environmental performance measurement based on life cycle thinking. He has earned his credits in Europe working for all players in the field of materials and construction in both housing and infrastructure. America is his current playground where he founded theRightenvironment in 2006. His ambition is to progress sustainability through his work and in his private life on a daily basis. He likes asking the right questions shaping ambitious agendas that just make sense when you take the time to just step out of the process and watch if flow in front of your eyes.

Karie Johnson, CEO at AEC Transformations, LLC. Minneapolis, MN

Karie Johnson, CEO at AEC Transformations, LLC. Minneapolis, MNKarie is a leader, educator, and national speaker recognized for her experience and knowledge of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).  With a career spanning both the Design and Construction industry, she has implemented the use of BIM technology on over 30 projects at various levels.  Having worked throughout the entire project process from initial conception to completion, Karie offers teams a comprehensive understanding of BIM technology strategies.  She supplies the expertise and knowledge to guide teams through implementation using lessons learned and a clear understanding of where processes have potential to break down.  As the founder of AEC Transformations, Karie uses her expertise to help transform client’s business processes and project delivery through the implementation of BIM and VDC.  Karie focuses on lean construction principles and a collaborative approach to streamline processes utilizing cutting-edge technology solutions to meet individual client needs.

Faris Abboushi, P.E. M.B.A., Senior Project Manager, Loomis Partners. Austin, TX

Faris Abboushi, P.E. M.B.A., Senior Project Manager, Loomis Partners. Austin, TXFaris is a civil engineer with over 9 years of experience in land development engineering, and he has been a design engineer and lead project manager on a wide variety of residential and commercial projects over the years. He obtained his MBA in 2008 and LEED accreditation in 2009, and is passionate about the creation of vibrant, sustainable communities, organizational leadership and the ability of people and organizations to affect positive change.

Carla Ross, Sustainable Innovation Consultant & Thinker. England

Carla Ross, Sustainable Innovation Consultant & Thinker. EnglandCarla is currently a free-lance consultant, advising researching, project-managing, thinking across a number of different industries, analysing worldviews and trends to support strategy development. Her background is in marketing and publishing, having managed CRM programmes, marketing campaigns, content management systems and a corporate magazine within financial services. She ran the consumer magazine Alodis for SEPs by a great little start up – Mongrel Worlds, and is also a trained Nutritionist and deeply interested in health, science and innovation.
Also a home-educator for 2 years and so too a keen thinker and reader on education and educational policy and the link between creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Jodie Bricout, President and Sustainability Consultant with Jodie Bricout. France

Jodie Bricout, President and Sustainability Consultant with Jodie Bricout. FranceJodie is a sustainability consultant specializing in driving positive change in business. She helps clients add value to their bottom line whilst enhancing their impact on the environment and their relationship with stakeholders. She has worked in large and small organizations, both consulting firms and not-for-profits, in Australia and Europe. Her clients range from small business to multi-nationals. She currently advises smaller local organizations as an independent consultant, and works with Sustainability Advisory Group for bigger projects.
Jodie’s specialties include sustainability evaluation and benchmarking, strategy for organizations and projects, sustainability communication, and environmental management .

Lee Gros, Owner of Lee Gros Architect & Artisan, Inc. Austin, TX

Lee Gros, Owner of Lee Gros Architect & Artisan, Inc. Austin, TXLee provides collaborative and creative project consulting for design and delivery of sustainable solutions. He also provides LEED project representation from design through construction and certification while delivering to the design team, building owner, developer and contractor expertise with requisite green building documentation. He delivers effective interpretation and training related to LEED and other Green Building Program rating tools and he provides Owner representation and documentation of projects during construction.

Sunni Brown, M.P.A., Owner and Principal of BrightSpot Info Design, Austin, TX & US

Sunni Brown, M.P.A., Owner and Principal of BrightSpot Info Design, Austin, TX & USBrightSpot Info Design is a company specializing in visual thinking to support organizational and group success. Sunni was trained at The Grove Consultants International, a San Francisco-based company known for pioneering the use of graphic facilitation in meetings. Sunni is a consultant with XPlane, an Associate of The Grove, and is also co-Founder of VizThink Austin, currently the largest visual thinking community in the US. She holds degrees in Magazine Journalism and Linguistics and a Master’s in Public Affairs from the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs.

Jayme Walenta, Managing Director of Carbon Clear, Austin, TX & US

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Jayme Walenta works with organizations to reduce their carbon impact and effectively save costs and increase organizational brand reputation and image. Carbon Clear is a world leader in carbon management. We help organisations address the challenges posed by climate change.

Justin Doak, CEO at Ecoxera. Austin, TX & US

Justin Doak, CEO at Ecoxera. Austin, TX & USFormerly the Program Manager of LEED for Retail at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Justin Doak is now the founder of Ecoxera, a sustainability guidance firm for the retail industry that will launch this April. In this capacity, Justin and his partners help to position retailers, developers and manufacturers as environmental stewards through the discovery and implementation of integrated green practices that yield savings and strengthen brand equity all the while connecting with emerging green consumer markets.

Denise DeLuca,

Denise DeLucaDenise DeLuca received an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters in Civil Engineering from Montana State University in Bozeman.  Denise is a registered professional engineer (PE) and a LEED-Accredited Professional.  Denise’s drive to apply her engineering skills to accomplish a greater good has taken her career through both public and private sectors, including running her own sustainable resource consulting business, Emergent Solutions, for several years.  As Outreach Director for The Biomimicry Institute (2007-2009) Denise worked to advance the tools and concepts of biomimicry and to integrate biomimicry into university-level education.  Denise has lectured and conducted workshops on biomimicry for universities and other organizations across the US as well as in Mexico and Italy.  Denise loves working with open minds from diverse disciplines that have a passion for deepening our thinking on sustainability.  In 2009, Denise will be moving to Bangor, Wales (UK) and looks forward to spreading the seeds of biomimicry from her new home base in Europe.

Culture Technologies, Austin, TX

Culture Technologies, Austin, TXCulture Technologies was founded to provide state-of-the-art training and consulting services to organizations expecting positive outcomes and financial gains from their environmental programs that are sustainable. Using a combination of environmental technology and behavior-based training and consulting methods, CT environmental programs, deliver measurable results.

Adam A. Pyrek, Architect, daylighting consulting, energy assessment. Austin, TX

Adam A. Pyrek, Architect, daylighting consulting, energy assessment. Austin, TXAdam’s professional work encompasses challenging public and academic projects in the US and Europe. During his eighteen years of architectural experience he had the privilege to work with and to support outstanding architects and artists such as Santiago Calatrava and Dale Chihuly. His interest in daylighting and thermal comfort has let him to explore and advance these crucial aspects of architecture throughout his work. He received his Master’s Degree in the Energy & Environment program at the Architectural Association in London. Currently he is working independently performing design and consultant work, including volunteering for a low-income residential project and defining net-zero goals and standards.

Cullen Wilson & John Erik Metcalf, Conjunctured, Austin, TX

Conjunctured is led by a team of technologists with a passion to bring technology and startup culture to the forefront of the Austin community. Conjunctured leverages the power of collaboration and community. We are inspired by the existing concept of coworking and call ourselves a “co-company” – it’s a term we came up with that describes how the company is structured – we don’t employ people. Instead, a team of independent freelancers, all specialists in their own areas, come together to collaborate on the projects they feel most passionate about in Austin’s first coworking space.
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