We are our ecosystem.

Our mission is to explore, relate and translate the relationships that contain the most potential for improvement and implementation of sustainable practices in the built environment.


HOLOS is a sustainability management practice and think tank. We strive to create a collaborative environment that weaves broad spectrum ideas together and synthesizes innovative and viable solutions. The company places great focus on project management along with research and development of broader sustainability practices, including urban redevelopment, master planning, biomimicry, industrial ecology, ecosystem services, eco-footprinting and emerging initiatives that play an important role in creating sustainable communities.

Our clients include both public and private sector building owners and developers, architects and engineers, municipalities, and non-profits.  Our partners include sustainability consultants, visual thinkers, environmental management & social scientists, carbon managers, strategic planners, Building Information Modeling experts, daylighting and energy assessment experts, civil engineers and biomimicry enthusiasts.


HOLOS believes in structured and transparent management that fosters the best utilization of sustainability strategies and ideas.  Our paradigm, one of systemic change, requires a comprehensive and holistic recognition of our global condition. Because we are comprehensivists, a broad range of knowledge is critical to our service. It also means that we embrace the learning process, realizing that we are just as much students as we are teachers and advisors.

In addition to our professional practice, we volunteer lots of our time with organizations and causes that get at the heart of sustainability- people.  At the end of the day, we realize that it’s institutional, political, economic and cultural concerns that will make green development happen, not design or engineering.

HOLOS is all about striving to be sustainable and exemplary while continuing to raise the bar.